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Design/Build of Integrated Solution Keeps Sorensen Systems Reputation Elevated

Sorensen Systems is a premier designer and manufacturer of hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical control systems for the water, waste-water, power generation, industrial motion control, and process control industries. All completed systems are fully tested at its 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Massachusetts and provided with complete documentation packages at time of shipment. Use of non-proprietary equipment from leading manufacturers assures world-wide support for warranty and support services.

The engineers and technicians at Sorensen Systems are expert at component selection, design, fabrication and installation of integrated systems such as:

  • Electro-hydraulic governors
  • Water-to-wire turbine generator systems integration
  • Gate and valve operator systems
  • AWWA butterfly ball and cone valves
  • Power station automation

Integrated System Design/Build

Some recent examples of integrated systems built by Sorensen Systems include a series of four skid-based oil pumping stations installed as part of an oil refinery in the Middle East; a series of 93 ball valve power units used in a gold mine in the Caribbean islands; and a remote operator panel system for controlling water levels and gate operation for a lock and dam system in the Southwest US.

When working with clients on an integrated system design, our commitment extends from initial concept through commissioning and extended in-the-field follow-up services. For example, when the four pumping skids were planned, they originated as a concept in a computer-aided design. Through fabrication, testing, shipping, installation and start-up, our engineers and technicians worked hand-in-hand with our customer. The final start-up in the deserts of North Africa went smoothly as the oil started flowing from the oil fields to the distribution network facility.

Lock/Dam Control System

In the case of the lock and dam control system, the client was the municipality of San Antonio and the project was the expansion of its famous River Walk tourist attraction, which included a requirement for remote control capability for its ride operators. The project involved the design, construction and start-up of three hydraulic power units and two electrical remote operator panels with over 500 input/output control points, for the passenger embarkation stations. The expansion was completed on time and today the tourists are enjoying their care-free ride on boats up the river with a pause at the lock to rise up for the extra mile and a half extension.

Power Station Automation

Similarly, the Sorensen Systems provided the design, manufacturing, installation supervision, commissioning and training for a hydroelectric station automation project, which included the disassembly and refurbishment of the existing turbine generators, new static excitation systems, new turbine bearing cooling water systems, refurbished switchgear panels, new turbine control panels, new digital governor heads with the refurbished governor hydraulic pumping units and a new station battery charging system. From design through commissioning, the company's engineers and technicians provided the integrated system approach that brought the contract in on time and on budget.

Sorensen Systems is a provider of motion-control systems for the hydropower generation, water and wastewater markets working in partnership The Hope Group. The company operates from a headquarters, an ISO 9001 certified facility, in Northborough, Mass. through its affiliation with The Hope Group.



Sorensen Systems specializes in the design and manufacture of integrated systems using its core competencies in hydraulics, pneumatics, automation and fluid controls and systems.



PLC Control
Sorensen Systems designed and built three hydraulic power units and a PLC driven control system to remotely operate the gates from the passenger embarkation station on the San Antonio River Walk tourist attraction.


Structural Aluminum
A major manufacturer had a requirement for an integrated control system that required the design and assembly of a structural aluminum machine frame, pneumatic and automation assemblies, hose and stainless steel fittings and a PLC driven control system.


Power Units
These three power units are part of a hydroelectric refurbishment project, now just waiting for the installation of the touch-screen PLC driven control panels prior to testing and return to the power plant for re-installation.


mwra-hydroelectric-plant-turbine-feature Sorensen Systems Design/Builds and Installs Innovative Hydroelectric Plant for MWRA


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