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Fluid Power and Electrical Control Systems Must Meet Critical OEM Design Requirements

Sorensen Systems is a designer and manufacturer of turnkey fluid power and electrical control systems required to meet the stringent motion and control requirements of today's industrial OEM's. From its 60,000 square foot, ISO 9001 certified facility in Massachusetts, the company has established a strong reputation for accomplishment through the capabilities of its engineering, technical and fabrication talent. Its in-house capability for designing, manufacturing, and testing hydraulic, pneumatic, automation, and electrical control packages, including skid-mounted packaged compressed air and nitrogen generator systems makes it a leading engineered system provider in New England.

Sorensen Systems has built its reputation on successfully designing and building CE & CSA compliant hydraulic power units, pneumatic panels, equipment sound attenuation enclosures, lubrication systems, hydraulic and pneumatic filtration systems, proportional and directional control valves, hose and tubing assemblies, plus a wide variety of other engineered systems such as:

  • Industrial Control Panels
  • Industrial Hydraulic Power Units
  • Mobile/Marine Power Take Off Systems
  • Power Generation Control Systems
  • PLC and Operator Interface
  • Machine Automation
  • Pneumatic Panel Assemblies
  • Servo and Stepper Motion Control
  • Valve and Tube Assemblies
  • Hydraulic Hose Assemblies

Engineering a Solution

The daily challenge at Sorensen Systems is solving the unique motion and control problems of its clients. A recent example was the requirement established by the Cog Railway in New Hampshire to design and build from scratch a revolutionary new locomotive to replace the aging and inefficient steam engines in use since 1869. The first part of the solution was to replace the coal-fired boiler with a diesel engine driving a Power Take Off pump. Working closely with the customer, a new design was developed for the engine, the braking and the overall monitoring and control of the locomotive.

Motion was achieved through the introduction of two hydrostatic pumps which provide electronically controlled variable pressure and flow to two fixed displacement, axial piston hydraulic drive motors. The motors are coupled to two planetary gear boxes that drive the locomotive's two Cog gears. With safety and efficiency in mind, the decision to go hydraulic was based on the fundamental advantages of hydraulics when it comes to power density.

Sequenced Blower Package

When a local municipal gas company decided that its customer-demand was going to exceed the capacity of its gravity fed system and wanted to move to a pressurized system it relied on the engineering and fabrication capabilities of Sorensen Systems to solve the system solution challenge. Based on its review of the requirements the engineers at Sorensen Systems recommended developing a custom sequenced blower package to provide a stabilized pressure source for the gas distribution. The design incorporated four rotary-lobe blowers, linked together to provide the required controlled pressure and internal back-up and redundancy capability.

An important part of the upgraded system was the unique manifold package designed by Sorensen Systems which linked the four blowers together. The design included the use of digital monitors and recorders to monitor gas ratios and controls. The team developed software programming that permits the blowers to operate in sequence to meet various load levels and to serve as back-ups during maintenance shutdowns.

Sorensen Systems is a provider of motion-control systems for the hydropower generation, water and wastewater markets working in partnership The Hope Group. The company operates from a headquarters, an ISO 9001 certified facility, in Northborough, Mass. through its affiliation with The Hope Group.



Fluid power and electrical motion and control systems are a specialty of Sorensen Systems engineers, technicians and fabricators.


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