Design/Build of Special Gate and Valve Control Systems for North America

Gate and valve controls that operate dams on America’s waterways is among the most important capabilities that distinguish Sorensen Systems as a motion and control integrator. Read more about how Sorensen Systems has developed a reputation for designing, fabricating, installing and servicing water treatment, waste-water, and water-to-wire Electrical Control Systems, which control the flow of water for large scale municipal and industrial systems.


Converting Excess Water Pressure Into Energy to Generate Needed Electricity

Conduit energy recovery is an exciting new method to meet the demand for more energy, specifically, more electricity,  which has contributed to the growth of an innovative technology that converts excess water pressure in municipal and other water systems into electricity as a by-product of its role of providing fresh water to those communities. Read more about Energy Recovery technologies.


Refurbished Generators

Governor conversion was the challenge for Sorensen Systems as it upgraded and refurbished generators at an intake facility in Massachusetts. The upgrade included new turbine control panels and new digital governor heads with the refurbished governor hydraulic pumping units to integrate the turbine operation with a newly configured water supply system.


Water-to-Wire Power

Through a system using a 22kW and 40kW dual-turbine generators, this water-to-wire energy recovery project in Keene, New Hampshire transformed excess pipe pressure and flow into renewable energy by generating hydroelectric power from water exiting the treatment plant and sending it to the power grid.


Turbine Control Panel

Water treatment was the goal for Sorensen Systems, which designed and built turbine control panels and balance of plant control panels as part of an energy recovery project that utilized wastewater from the treatment plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina to generate hydroelectric power by offsetting the costs associated with hydropower generation.


PLC-Driven Gate Control System Designed

A control system was required for the setting and monitoring of water levels and new locks for the famous San Antonio River Walk excursion boat tourist attraction. Sorensen Systems designed and built three hydraulic power units and a PLC driven control system to remotely operate the dam and locks.


Sorensen Systems Builds
Motion Control Systems

Sorensen Systems, the engineering and manufacturing company of THG Corporation, designs and builds motion and control power systems, relying on its core competencies with hydraulics, pneumatics, automation, and fluid connector components and systems. As a single-source system provider of water-to-wire systems, turbine-valve-controls integration, and motion and control engineered systems, Sorensen Systems builds gate and valve control systems, conduit energy recovery systems, governor conversion systems, water treatment systems, and PLC-driven gate controls.

Governor Systems

The Sorensen Governor brand assures hydro plant operators that new installations, refurbishment projects and station automation will be successful.

Integrated Systems

Sorensen Systems provides complete design/build services for power station automation, water-to-wire systems, and turbine-governor-valve integration.

Engineered Systems

Innovative custom machine control systems for motion and control requirements are based on core competencies in hydraulics, pneumatics and fluid control.

Power Generation

Engineers at Sorensen Systems are experts in selecting components, systems and service for fossil fuel, combined cycle, combustion turbine and nuclear plants.


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