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Sorensen Governor Continues as Premier Station Automation and Upgrade Provider

Sorensen Systems has over 50 years experience with new installations, refurbishment projects and hydro station automation for the hydroelectric, power generation, water and waste-water industries. It has established a reputation as a leader in the design and manufacture of electro-hydraulic governors, gate-operating systems, and hydraulic lubrication and bearing cooling units.

Sorensen Builds System Solutions

Its in-house staff of engineers and design technicians have extensive experience with applications ranging from turbine speed control to water level management. System design, fabrication, installation, start-up and field maintenance are provided for:

  • High and low pressure electro-hydraulic conversion systems

  • Remote gate positioning systems

  • Ball valve, butterfly valve and fixed cone operating assemblies and systems

  • Turbine lubrication and cooling systems

  • Crest, slide and roller gate control systems

  • Gas/steam turbine combined cycle diverter systems

  • Electro-hydraulic governor control systems

Full Service Project Engineering

From its 60,000 square foot engineering and manufacturing headquarters in Massachusetts, Sorensen Systems works closely with its customers and with any globally recognized hydraulic and electrical component manufacturer to provide full service project engineering from initial concept through commissioning. Its team of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic engineers, support customers in the following ways:

  • We provide complete design documentation

  • We follow a compressed turn-around design-to-production schedule

  • We offer worldwide field assistance for on-site engineering of special applications reducing installation and commissioning costs

  • We offer customized testing procedures at our facility allowing the customer to put their equipment to work sooner

Keeping the Water Flowing

When the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority determined that turbine generators at its Clinton MA location along the Wachusett Reservoir needed upgrading and refurbishment, Sorensen Systems was awarded the contract for the project. The two vertically oriented, full Kaplan type 1,600 KW generators with six adjustable runner blades and two 2,240 HP turbines had been in operation since 1969. The upgrade was necessary to integrate the turbine operation with a newly configured water supply system. The hydroelectric facility, locally referred to as the Cosgrove Intake, regulates the flow of water from the Wachusett Reservoir into the Cosgrove Aqueduct, which is an important transmission leg in the supply of water to the Boston Metropolitan area.

There are two sections, the North and South intakes, and both intakes include a hydraulic turbine and two bypass lines. Each intake has three channels with traveling water screens. Each intake also has an upper intake sluice gate and lower intake sluice gate that allow operational flexibility to draw water from different levels of the reservoir.

Hydro Station Automation

Sorensen Systems provided the design, manufacturing, installation supervision, commissioning and training for the entire project, which included the disassembly and refurbishment of the existing turbine generators, new static excitation systems, new turbine bearing cooling water systems, refurbished switchgear panels, new turbine control panels, new digital governor heads with the refurbished governor hydraulic pumping units and new station battery charging system.

Sorensen Systems is a provider of motion-control systems for the hydropower generation, water and wastewater markets working in partnership The Hope Group, a division of KLX Inc. The company operates from a headquarters, an ISO 9001 certified facility, in Northborough, Mass. through its affiliation with The Hope Group.



You can rely on our 50 years of experience providing cost-effective hydraulic and electrical solutions for modernizing MICRO and SMALL Hydro installations.



Hydro Station Automation
Sorensen Systems upgraded and refurbished the two 1.6 MW generators at the MWRA Cosgrove Intake facility in Massachusetts.


Master Control
Sorensen Systems built and installed a new main generator/turbine control panel in the master control room.


Excitation Control
Sorensen Systems built two new digital excitation control systems as part of complete plant refurbishment.


PLC Control Panels
Two new turbine PLC control panels were built and installed at the Cosgrove intake.


Digital Head Conversion
The refurbishment in Clinton MA included two new digital head conversion assemblies.


Cooling Water Systems
The rebuild for MWRA included two new cooling water system skids.


mwra-hydroelectric-plant-turbine-feature Sorensen Systems Design/Builds and Installs Innovative Hydroelectric Plant for MWRA


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